50 Old-School Cookie Recipes Grandma Knew By Heart

Ever since you were little, you probably loved your grandma’s cookies. Why not bake those cookies yourself to bring back those childhood memories. And who knows, you might bake these recipes for your grandchildren in the future. Here are some of the recipes grandma knew by heart:

  • Old-fashioned peanut butter cookies
  • Cream wafer sandwich cookies
  • Big soft ginger cookies
  • Buttery spritz cookies
  • Crisp and delicate surprise meringues
  • Black walnut cookies
  • Nanny’s fruitcake cookies
  • Frosted Anise sugar cookies
  • Buttery orange sugar cookies

Read the complete list with recipes here: https://www.tasteofhome.com/collection/cookies-grandma-knew-by-heart/.

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