What Virtual Cooking Lessons with my Grandmother Taught me

Our grandmothers are special people in our lives. They give us words of advice and teach delicious food recipes. Maya Homan had a close relationship with her grandmother in India even when she lived in California. From her childhood stories to cooking fails, Maya shares the moments she experienced with her loving grandma.

Key Takeaways:

Maya started recording her grandmother’s recipes when she was fifteen. She knew how to do things like rolling out the dough for chapatis and puris, but she never knew how to make the dough. Maya would write down the ingredients for Indian recipes, but her grandmother wouldn’t tell her the measurements. “In Indian food, you don’t need to measure anything,” she said. “You have to taste it and see if it tastes right.”

When Maya was back in her home, California, she tried to recreate batata chi bhaji. She made the dish with potatoes, chili peppers, onions, and other spices. Unfortunately, Maya didn’t do it right and ended up with a soggy and bland meal. She then asked her grandmother for guidance through FaceTime. Her grandma would teach her to cook while also helping Maya learn Marathi, her grandma’s first language.

Maya believes that cooking her grandma’s recipes is one of the only connections to her Indian culture. She feels proud to be able to cook the recipes her grandma taught her. Those meals are a part of her heritage, and she claims them as her own without guilt or uncertainty.

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