Catering Services Provider in Cebu since 1997

Welcome to FMC Catering Services.

We cater to a variety of clients with different needs and requests.  Know more about us and our clientele here.

Health Conscious Food Provider

In as much as we would like to serve you with delicious food,  we are trying our best to serve foods with lesser preservatives — though we are not saying that our food is 100% organic or preservative-free.

If you are health conscious, we can be in your list as your food caterer.

Reserve to ensure your date and time.



Our Services

Personalized service to our clientele is just the start and not the end.  We can adjust to your requests and see to it that they are delivered.

FMC Catering Services has been in operation since 1997. Perhaps we can kind of say we have been to ups and downs; and yet we thrive. Know more about us.

If there is anything else you need to know, kindly contact us.