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Our Services

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Great for parties
Buffet (Full Set-up)
Check out the following:

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Great for gatherings
Food Tray (Food Only)
Contact us for your food tray inquiries and orders.

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Great for seminars
Packed Meals
Order your packed meals in styropack with disposable spoons and forks; tetra-packed juices; minimum order of 30 pax.

Why Choose FMC Catering Services?

For many reasons

  • Personalized service to our clientele.
  • Leaning toward healthy ingredients.
  • Don’t take our word for it.  Read some testimonials.

Our Process

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Choose Your Menu


Minimum Reservation of

Main Courses



Soft Drink
(Add 10.00 to convert to fresh juice)

Buffet Set-Up

Tables and Covered Monobloc Chairs

Clean Linens

Complete Utensils

Trained Waiters/Attendants

Buffet Table Floral Arrangement


per person

100 pax


1 round
per reserved guest


per person

70 pax


1 round

per reserved guest


per person

50 pax


1 round

per reserved guest

minimum reservation of 60 pax


per person

30 pax


1 round

per reserved guest

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Phone: (032) 383 6336
Mobile Number: 0945 394 7275


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