The One Phrase That Will Make All Your Home-Cooked Meals Taste Better

You may find many cooking hacks that claim to change your life. But, there is one tip that doesn’t entirely change your life but improves every meal you cook. That life-changing phrase is to season as you go. It doesn’t matter what the recipe says because this tip is much more essential. If you’re not convinced, keep on reading.

Key takeaways:

  • You may ask is why you should season as you go. To start, this is the most fundamental principle you hear in a culinary school. Whether you’re sautéing onion or adding garlic to celery, you have to season it.
  • If you think you can add salt to the meal at the table, it could result in a salty meal. This is because the salt is just sitting on top of the food. If you season as you go, you give the salt a chance to mix with the other ingredients.
  • While it’s good to season the food as you go, you have to do it right. Don’t add tablespoons of salt. Instead, add generous pinches at a time.
  • It’s crucial to know when and when not to season your meals. For example, don’t season as much if the meal contains salty ingredients like soy sauce. This technique also does not apply to baking recipes since it’s not the best place to experiment.

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