3 Recipes from ‘Dinner at Home’ Perfect for the Grill

Nothing screams summer like a steaming plate of grilled food. These grilled recipes will bring back the summer vibes, whether a flavorful side dish or a delicious dinner meal. From JeanMarie Brownson’s recipe book, “Dinner at Home,” here are three recipes that will put your grill to good use:

  • Garlic and spice-grilled leg of lamb is a fantastic and tender meal that you should grill to impress your family and friends. Pair the meat with some yogurt and flatbread, and you’re good to go.
  • If you’re looking for something spicy, then grill up some cheeseburgers with spicy mayo. This unique and meatless recipe replaces a beef patty with halloumi cheese for a bouncy texture.
  • Liven up a plate of chicken or steak with barbecue sweet potato slices. This delectable dish is seasoned with chili powder and sugar to bring out the sweet and spicy taste. Eating this grilled delicacy will leave you wanting more.

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