Unique Party Theme: Treasure Hunting

A treasure hunting party is one unique party that children would love to have. This can be a fun-filled party with pirates theme. With the setting you can get a fish net over any water-colored paper or table cloth with starfishes. For costumes, you can have pirates hats made out of folded news papers and eye patches. For more fun part, list pirates lingo. The food can still easily go with the theme. You can have fish and chips or chips ahoy for snacks.

The different activities and games can be:

  • Make-your-own-telescope station.

Go fish. Create a wave using poster board or a cardboard box (shown) and let kids fish for prizes

  • Peg-leg race.

Walking the plank. Let kids take turns walking across a long wooden plank.

  • Cannonball toss. Children stand in a circle and toss around a water balloon until it bursts.
  • Treasure hunt. Hide a bunch of plastic gold coins in the backyard and let partygoers race to find the most loot.

Know the mechanics of these games and activities for Treasure Hunt themed Party.

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