Winning Customers in Catering

Customers want to negotiate; ending up in a win-win situation often gets you orders and reservations. This is one very important element in catering business.

How to say a polite NO to customers, keeps your business stable. How to say Yes to customers, keeps your business growing. Doing what your promise is keeping your existing customers. Winning customers’ trust is winning your business.

Whether you are catering for a crowd or catering for a table of two – the bottom line is winning your customers that is providing them delicious food and quality service.

Catering for a crowd is not an easy thing when servicing hundreds or thousands. A work system has to be in place as well as pleasing relationship between customers and caterer. This relationship has to trickle down from the top management down to the front-liners who are serving the customers.

While catering for a table of two might not bring you more gross sales, it might just bring your more profit with lesser work.

Here is a very good article explaining how three experts managed to run and grow the business:

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