What about oils and fats in our cooking?

As a food catering service provider, we are often challenged on how to balance between healthy food and delicious food.  Filipino dishes are often known as too salty or too sweet. And most of our favorites are not actually what many accept as healthy taking for example lechon, dinugo-an, chicharon bulaklak or ginabot, and many more.

Today, we are happy to share with you 10 healthy tips when including oils and fats in your kitchen and diet.

The tips include the following:

  • what oil to use
  • how to use it when you have to
  • the correct amount off fat intake
  • how to keep your cooking oils
  • and of course more.

Take time to read this healthy tip.

We hope to bring you more valuable information on cooking tips and healthy diet. Our catering services hopefully can offer you more healthy yet delicious food in the near future.

Healthy Oil Olive
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