Welcoming Cultural Diversity in Food Catering Services

The Philippines is becoming more culturally-diverse by the day. In every Filipino celebration, there will always be guests from other countries, cultures, and religions. The diverse background of guests poses a challenge and at the same time gives an opportunity to embrace cultural diversity in food catering services.

BeFunky-Cultural Diversity in Food Catering Services

Broadening horizon

Welcoming cross-cultural cuisine broadens the knowledge and expertise of food caterers. It is an invitation to seek more knowledge, practice, appreciation, and embracing of culture to grasp the flavor and meaning of different foreign dishes. This is nothing new as Filipinos have long embraced different cultural cuisines that influenced us over the past centuries and years – Spanish, Chinese, and American.

Now with the influx of other nationals, like Koreans, Japanese, and more, the Filipino food service providers are learning to serve and perfect other International dishes.

More diverse menu

Welcoming cultural diversity in the food catering industry gives businesses an opportunity to offer a more diverse menu. This makes an attractive option for those clients with multi-cultural guests. While this can be challenging at the start, offering more a diverse menu that includes foreign dishes would all be worth it in the long run.

Serving beyond dishes

Serving diverse dishes takes more consideration than just the ingredients to be used and perfecting the taste of the food. It also involves how you serve these dishes to the guests, like adding chopsticks and knives to the usual spoon and fork setup. Servers may also need to prepare additional condiments for the type of dishes they serve.

The role of the Internet

BeFunky-Cultural Diversity in Food Catering Services- social media

There is no denying that the Internet plays a big role in the food industry’s cultural diversity. Social media channels are dictating what’s new and what’s trending in food all over the globe. With Filipinos as some of the most active users of social media, we would be the first ones to try what’s new and follow what is trending. Food providers, including restaurants and caterers, would be the next to adapt to these changes and trends.

The Internet also helps food caterers deal with cross-cultural challenges to find knowledge and training. You can find almost anything you want to learn on the Internet.

Embracing cultural diversity in food catering services

Keeping up with the food service industry means also keeping up with the changes in the clients and the trends. With the influx of tourists, immigrants, and students from different backgrounds, as well as the food influence of the Internet and our exposure to cross-cultural cuisine, welcoming cultural diversity in food catering services is the right way to go.

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