What Is An MSG Allergic reaction?

Chow Mein, Orange Sesame Chicken, Moo Goo Gai Pan, Sweet and Sour Pork, and Beef and Broccoli are all mouthwatering Chinese foods. The cooking tradition of the Chinese people is known throughout the years. Other known Asian cuisines are the following: Japanese, Thai, Indonesian, and Korean.

Downside of Asian Food

In all Oriental food, the rich sauces make each dish stand out from other kinds of food, enhancing the ingredients. In addition, fresh vegetables and fresh meats make oriental food a healthy option. The only downside to Asian food is the excessive use of MSG.

MSG = Monosodium Glutamate

MSG is the acronym for Monosodium Glutamate. It is a type of food additive that is used in Asian cooking to improve the taste. Symptoms associated with an MSG allergic reaction consist of gastrointestinal issues, skin rash, trouble breathing, blood circulation, and even neurological function.

MSG Allergic Reaction

The bright side is that very few individuals have an MSG allergy. MSG is not in fact an allergen unlike your regular irritants such as dust, animal yard, ragweed and dander, and perfume. The MSG allergic reaction that is triggered is more like an issue with intolerance.

Consumption of Alcohol Increases MSG Allergic Reaction

For people with an MSG allergy, the consumption of alcohol would increase the impact. In addition, studies reveal that exercise before consuming food with MSG or after can likewise exaggerate the results.  The problem is that for Asian foods, the use of MSG is increasing. If you have an MSG allergic reaction and loves to dine out, you will need to really make sure that your food does not contain MSG.  “MSG” or “Monosodium Glutamate” is only required to be listed by the Food and Drug Administration if the component is a 99% pure mix of sodium and glutamic acid.  For the individual with an MSG allergy, this makes shopping for non-MSG foods exceptionally challenging.

Oriental Grocery Store

Your best option if you have an MSG allergic reaction is to find an Oriental restaurant that believes in healthy ingredients as a priority.  Therefore chances are your food will not contain this additive. In addition, find a recommended Oriental specialty grocery store. Speak to your doctor if you believe you have an MSG allergic reaction.  There are plenty of online Asian grocery stores; and you just need to google them.

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By: Andrea Nguyen
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