Birthday Party Ideas

birthday cake
By: Rafael Castillo

We all wish to make our love one happy regardless of the age and gender during his/her birthday.  In this post, we are going to show you practical tips to remember when brainstorming some birthday party ideas.

Note that the items below are not according to priority:

  • Budget – the budget is sadly very important to realize your big plan; however, it is not the essential element to make your love one’s birthday meaningful.
  • Theme and Celebrant’s Interest – There are plenty of themes we can think of to celebrate the birthday party; however, it is always wise to know the interest of the birthday celebrant.  My dad loves to play in the band during his younger years.  So we got a hard rock theme on his 60th birthday.
  • Age and Gender – This is common sense; however, sometimes we forget what is common.  Unless your 80-year-old grandma was a skating champion, don’t bring her to a skating rink no matter how you love spending all your money going there.  Remember, it’s her birthday.
  • List and Number of Visitors to Invite – In most cases, the budget shall dictate the number of visitors you are to invite, unless every visitor who comes cheap in for the party.
  • The Venue – Having a party at home can be cheaper; but can you accommodate all your visitors?  In addition, whether at home or somewhere else, what the proximity of the venue from your visitors?  This is very true for the visitors whom the celebrant expects to be there on his/her birthday.  Remember, we want to make the celebrant happy by inviting people close to him/her.
  • The Food and Drinks – You can prepare the food yourselves or simply go to a restaurant or function hall.  Another alternative is to hire a food catering service provider.
  • The Entertainment – To keep the party lively, get someone or a group for entertainment.  It can be a band, an acoustic guitar and singer, a clown, a ballroom dancing instructor, etc.  Again, your entertainment should aim to make the celebrant happy.
  • The Surprise – The birthday party itself can already be a surprise. I remember how we once surprised our dad during his 60th birthday.  When he arrived at the venue, which was a restobar — his grandchildren, children, relatives and friends were already there to greet him with a birthday song.
  • Date and Time – It is ideal to celebrate the birthday party on the celebrant’s actual birth date.  However, there are really times when we need to celebrate the birthday party on another day.  Again, the point is, would this make the celebrant more happy?  More close friends and guests may have the time to attend on weekends than on working days for example.


Hope this post has helped you.  If you have any other suggestion, kindly leave us a comment and we will happily address them.

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