Throwing a Baby Shower

Planning to throw a baby shower to a sister or friend? Here are some things you need to know:

– Anybody except the mother or the father can throw a baby shower.

– Have it planned with the mother’s very close friend or family member.

– Have it 4-6 weeks before the mother’s due date, for the mother to be able to enjoy the party.

– Ask the mother her ideas about the party, her preferred venue, theme, etc.

Activities can include, children’s game such as hola hoops, coloring activities etc. gather all around the mothers, have a little talk about different task a mother is expected to have.

– Decoration of onesies. Another unique activity for baby shower,  where in these will be kept.

Food should include baby-sized foods also. Such as little cupcakes, candies, tarts and have your baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, etc.

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