Mobile application to find the best restaurants in your city

Chefs Feed is a guide to the best restaurant in the united states as recommended by real chefs.

In you mobile phone, you will get the following:

  • what to order (the top recommendations from the local chefs).
  • where to eat.
  • who is recommending.

This is best for both the locals of the city and the visitors/travelers.  Since mobile phone users will have the recommendations from the chef’s themselves, I am wondering how the food reviews and blogs will fare in this.


What is it for us?

We hope to expect that one day a Philippine version of Chefs Feed will be available.

In the Philippines, these are the usual questions we have:

  • where to eat?
  • what is the specialty?
  • how affordable is it?
  • how accessible is it? (as certain areas are not easily accessible to public transport except taxi)

This can be a big boost for both chefs and restaurants as well as benefit a lot of consumers. I am hoping to see chefs and restaurant owners making the most appealing food presentations, the most delicious specialties, the most accommodating restaurants and the most affordable prices just to land in the mobile applications top recommendations – a great benefit to consumers in the Philippines.

What do you think?







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