Making Birthday Invitations

Invitations are important, it gives your guests hints about your party. You can see different guidelines in writing and sending your invitations.

Here are some tips in making your invitations:

When to send them?
– It is best to send invitations in 6-8 weeks before the party. This can help your guests in managing their schedules and make that day a free day for them.

What to include in your invitations?
– Keep an eye on the punctuation, grammar, the important information such as the celebrant’s name, the venue, time, date, and attire or costume if needed.

Addressing the envelope
– Black and blue ink are advised for labeling. Make sure of the names of your guests.

Stuffing the envelope
– Make sure you include RSVP notification with the contact person and correct contact number.

For further readings and additional tips, visit Party Invitations.

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