Joint Birthday Celebrations

One way to throw a big party if you have children celebrating their birthdays within 30 days is to have a joint birthday celebration. This way you can throw a big party at 2/3 of the cost. However, there will really be times when your children would really love to have a separate birthday party no matter how simple it is.

Where can you save?

  • most probably you will have same guests if you hold the party separately. Maybe around 70 percent of the guests are the same person.
  • most probably you will have a cake on each birthday. Having one big cake might come out cheaper than buying two medium-sized cake.
  • most probably you will be getting a clown for each birthday. You do not need two clowns for a joint birthday. But you can hire a better clown or well-known organizer for the joint birthday party.
  • most probably you will need to prepare and do the clean up once for a joint celebration.
  • most probably you will need to take leave from work only once for the joint birthday celebration.

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