Healthy Food Tips for the Week

This week, we want to give you some healthy tips on vegetables that you will surely find helpful, as well as some refreshing recipes that you might want to try.


Learning more about cabbages

Honestly, I don’t know anything much about cabbage, except that it’s a glow food.  However, a recent article has shown the many different benefits of cabbage that made me think I should really consume more cabbage than I usually do.  Among the mentioned benefits of cabbage include anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, detoxification, cancer prevention, cardiovascular, and digestive benefits.  Amazing, right?  There’s more to learn about cabbage by reading the article.  It talks about how you can prepare or cook cabbage, so you can maximize its health benefits.  Steaming cabbage, for instance, can help lower your cholesterol levels better than serving it raw.  Furthermore, the article clarifies the nature of cabbage being sometimes dubbed as “goitrogenic” or something that causes goiter. 


Healthy veggies within your budget

Going healthy might somehow make you realize that this kind of diet is eating up your food budget.  Prices of many nutrient-rich vegetables are quite costly nowadays.  According to a post at World’s Healthiest Foods, you can still purchase these healthy vegetables within your restricted budget by buying the cheaper ones and checking their nutritional values.  This way, you can balance different vegetables that provide different health benefits.  Another way to purchase veggies within your budget is to buy those that are in season and buy those that are locally grown in your area, which are usually less expensive.  Finally, you can simply buy frozen vegetables in the grocery.  Although they do not contain 100 percent health benefits that you naturally expect from these vegetables, they still provide valuable amount of nutrients to keep you healthy.  You can learn more by reading the article here.


Unique twist of vegetable curry

Do you love curry?  How about vegetables?  This recipe we found should be on your priority list.  It’s a unique twist of vegetable curry made up of broccoli, potatoes, yellow or green beans, corn, tofu, lime, coriander seeds, and of course, coconut milk and green curry paste.  What makes this recipe so unique are the coriander seeds that are so aromatic with refreshing citrus flavour.  Try the vegetable curry recipe and let us know what you think about it.


Refreshing lemonade with lavender

Lavender does not only make a great scent.  It is edible, too.  A lemonade with lavender makes an ultimately refreshing drink for any occasion.  Here’s the recipe for lavender lemonade that you can try.  According to Elise Bauer, the contributor of this recipe, make sure you do not use too much lavender or else your lemonade will taste like soap.  A small handful of lavender flowers will do just great.

We hope you enjoyed our healthy tips and recipes for the week.  Stay healthy and happy!

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