Have a Budget Friendly Party

Everything you do now is on budget. You may think of throwing a party is a waste of time and money. But mind you if you just know the magic in budgeting properly a party, then you may have a nice budget friendly party. Here are some tips on how you can budget properly in throwing a party.

  • Decide who will be invited and how much your budget per head

They are your guests, consider utensils, equipment to be use with this size of expected guests.

  • Determine where you will hold the party”

Either you decide to have it in your favorite restaurant or in your house, decide on it depending on who your guests are and the number of expected guests if they fits on your chosen venue.

  • Make your own cake.

You need not buy all those high layered cake if you know how to bake. If you do then go bake your own cake. It will not only help you in budgeting but it will be a unique personalize cake.

  • Skip the DJ and supply the party music yourself.

Gather all music you and your guest you think you would enjoy and make a playlist out of it for the party.

  • Skip dinner.

Dinner needs a heavy meal. This means you need to prepare a lot of food variety. So skip dinner time and save a lot.

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