Exploring World Flavours In The Convenience Of Your Very Own Backyard

Christmas is almost here, which implies yard amusing and outdoor patio celebrations with friends and family. As cross-cultural cuisine continues to acquire in appeal, guests will be craving foods with more extreme, diverse flavours this Christmas season.

asparagus grilled beef steak

Christmas season in Cebu

Christmas season in Cebu can also be expected as a family reunion season.   Food can be easily enhanced by including Caribbean, Mexican or Asian influences to your meats. There are many methods to liven up the flavour of simple favourites such as adding special spices and adding mouth-watering marinades to vegetables and meats.   Other can also make use of dips, nuts and fruits.

Asian food flavours

Asian food integrates a varied set of flavours, varying from moderate to really hot, and from sweet to savoury. Most Asian sauces frequently include sweet, hot and sour flavours such as: lemongrass, plum paste, sesame oil, chilies and ginger.

Caribbean cooking

Caribbean cooking is the essence of combining flavours, as the islands were first settled by the Spanish, then the Dutch, French, British and Danish.  The mix of these flavours developed the Caribbean cooking. Caribbean flavours tend to combine active ingredients such as curry, allspice, lime, thyme, ginger, chilies and tropical fruits.

Tasty Mexican

Genuine Mexican benefits from the varied food sources in Mexico with small meals often served covered in a fresh tortilla. Central and Mexican American food integrates beans, corn, tomatoes, jicama, chocolate, avocado, chili, vanilla and papaya peppers.

Tips you can try out on your own at home

  • Spices and marinades can bring a world of flavours to your own yard.  Try this bite-size appetisers. Satays, small wooden skewers threaded with bite-size chunks of meat, are a popular street snack food in Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.  Satays can make terrific starters.
  • Use marinades to instil flavour. Marinades are wonderful for softening, improving flavour, and maintaining food.  Marinade with ginger and orange juice enliven meats, veggies, and tofu for a remarkable taste experience.
  • The chili pepper has become the single most extensively utilized spice worldwide, except for salt. Chili peppers vary in strength and flavour. Provide your barbecue sauce or salsa a little zip by adding chili peppers into the mix.
  • Try out fruit. Try pairing new and uncommon fresh fruits from your grocery store produce aisle such as mango, avocado, star fruit, pineapple, coconut, guava and papaya with your meals. They have lots of vitamins and flavour and can be used in desserts.

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