Designing your Own Cake

Brighten up your birthday party and other celebrations with different ways on designing your own cake. These are very easy and achievable designs that will really fascinate your guests. And this is budget friendly as well.

  • On the Dot – With the use of mini chocolates or M&M’s in the icing.
  • Bake a Barnyard – Get animal patterned crackers, pretzel sticks for the fences of your farm.
  • Eat Your Words – Make letters our of alphabet cookie cutter.
  • Garden Delight –Cover your cake with crackers of candies patterned with flowers, petals.
  • Modern Art Cake – Make it your abstract. Put on different colors of icing and feel free for your designs.
  • Little Drummer CakesDesign it with crackers formed like sticks and make a round cake.


Want to make one of these cakes?

See all the instructions and some cake recopies on Easy Birthday Cakes.

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