Cupcake and Cookie Design Party

We know how much kids loves fun, sweets, and arts. With this came an idea of combining the three, then came up birthday party with cupcake and cookie party theme. As we all know kids are curious, they want to learn more everyday, and some are really eager to learn on things on hands-on way while having fun. They love to make not only simple things but that of simple foods such as pizza, cookies, cupcakes etc.

Cupcake and Cookie Designing party theme in party suggest to have kids hands-on in making their cupcakes and cookies from scratch. You can allow kids to make their own cupcakes but be sure that an adult is supervising them. The gist is that kids will have their own cupcakes and cookie designed by them. Gather all utensils and ingredients and materials for designing cupcakes and cookies.

Host the show down in your own kitchen. By the end of the party, the birthday celebrant may pick the best designed cupcake. Add a secret ingredient for some twist of the game. Surely the kids will have a great time with this party.

Any age can participate in this kind of party theme. Just make sure that these children are closely monitored.

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