I’m A Mom and A Home Cook; This Is My Cooking Advice For Other Moms

Larissa Millers is a mother who has had quite the cooking journey. All she knew how to make was hamburger helpers and eggs, but becoming a mother changed everything for her. She had no choice but to cook every day for her child and succeeded. Larissa has been cooking meals for 8.5 years, so here is some of her advice:

  • One of the biggest things that have helped Larissa learn new recipes were cooking shows. Since food networks show the components of making a dish, you can learn new recipes by watching the TV.
  • There is more to meals than salt and pepper, which is why you have to stock your kitchen with different spices and liquid marinades. To begin with, it may be costly, but it will be worth it once you’ve figured out which seasonings go with the right food.
  • You may not like it, but planning out your dinners can be helpful. Larissa plans her meals by main dishes and side dishes. When she’s got the main ingredients, she can come up with two weeks’ worth of dinners.

“I have learned the hard way to have a backup meal if my first go wrong… I try to keep a fair number of frozen pizzas on hand for these situations.”

To learn more about Larrisa’s cooking advice for moms, click here: https://www.moms.com/home-cook-advice-moms/.

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