Birthday Trends of 2012

Here are the latest updates on birthday trends that are very famous for kiddie parties this year 2012. Check us out at Kiddie Parties Year 2012, to get ideas on what you can do to your child’s party.

– Roving camera man – instead of space consuming photo booths, this roving camera man makes taking pictures more convenient to the guests, and can save you a lot of space.
– The black light show- instead of the traditional magic show, black light show will fascinate everybody not only with their lights but also its story.
– Robotic dinosaurs- this can be your newest mascot, it can also teach your child and his friends everything about dinosaurs.
– Zorbs – the newest form of inflatables ,these are good for outdoor parties.
– Lego corner – good for activity corner that kids will surely enjoy.
– Avengers and Transformers mascot – a new alternative to your traditional mascots.
– Flip books – a new level of taking photos on booth.
– Milk teas- a new treat for your kids, can quench their thirst while having so much fun.
– Tots Hullabaloo- this is good for parties having a good number of guests, providing educational play area for the kids.
– Rodeo Bull Ride – for cowboy themed parties, a bull ride can be a new trick.


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