Birthday Invitations 101

Invitations might not be a big deal for some; but mind you, party invitations are very important. This can help you decide on your budget. Preliminary headcount can be done especially when sending invitations with an RSVP.

Here are some best practices:

Give plenty of notice – send your invitation cards/letters ahead of time. Give your guests ample time to prepare and squeeze your party to their schedules.

If possible, personally send the invitations to your guests.
For you to know the exact no. of guests attending, have the RSVP note in your invitation card/letter. RSVP is a request for a response from the invited person.
Remind your kid that the essence of birthday party is not only for him to have lots of gifts, but it is for him to have fun with his friends/guests. Gifts are not to be expects from guests.

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